Norio Furuichi Sensei - Iaido

Norio Furuichi Norio Furuichi - 8th dan Iaido

Norio Furuichi Sensei was born on 28/10/1951 in the city Tanagura, in Fukushima prefecture in northeastern Honshu, the main island of Japan.

In 1963, he starts practicing Iaido and Kendo under the teaching of One Ichiro sensei, 8th dan hanshi, in the prefecture of Ibaraki, until University graduation in march 1974.

In April 1975, he starts teaching Iaido in Tokai University in Kanagawa, and is still doing so nowadays.

Between 1977 and 1979, he follows Izawa Zensaku Sensei, 8th dan hanshi, from the prefecture of Kanagawa, until his death, in 1979.

In 1989, he starts Shō Shi Kai Budo Juku (湘志会武道塾) in the prefecture of Kanagawa, where he is still teaching today.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry sent Sensei Norio Furuichi as "ambassadors of Japanese culture" in more than 20 countries from different continents, to bring them closer to Kendo and Iaido other cultures.

Master Furuichi regularly organizes stages and seminars in Italy, Germany and Belgium.

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21th Iaido national selection eight-stage race Hakone tournament qualifying
21th Iaido national selection eight-stage race Hakone Competitions

Το dojo και σπίτι του Norio Furuichi
Norio Furuichi Dojo and house in Kanagawa, Japan.