Junior Aikido

The art of Aikido is suitable for all children, regardless of age. The workout is always proportional to the age of children. So there is no problem regarding when can start Aikido. It is taught in pleasant surroundings and with the game form, always bearing in mind the age.

Their health is promoted through exercise. Just because the goals of aikido is different from other martial arts disciplines, a harmonious physical and health development is achieved.Ta children face difficulties with a clear mind and peaceful way. They learn to work with different types of people to observe and distinguish the sense of things.

They acquire

  • Self-control. They control their aggression and anger, but without becoming victims.
  • Confidence. At very young ages the wider objectives pursued through playful exercises. As they grow, these techniques occupy most of the workout. Starting from infancy, the advantages are decisive. The kinesiology is improving gradually and techniques performed better.
    When you reach the age to attend the courses of major will already be ready physically, with great perception, muscle assembly. Let us not forget that one of the few arts that anyone can start from the age of 5-6, without risk and psychological pressure, but in the most pleasant and constructive manner. Through the various stimuli and experiences, they are given the opportunity to grow physically, spiritually, psychologically, and perceptual learning.